5 Best Crystals for New Beginnings

Everyone wants to be loved (this rose quartz love apple stone is an excellent stone for growing and love), as well as dreams about happy and untroubled life. However, life is life, and nobody can predict what to wait for tomorrow. We can win a million or lose everything; you can be promoted or dismissed. These unpredicted things are what life means. However, there are life periods when a person is preparing herself for new beginnings. It is a period of life when you need unique strengths, energy, and many new ideas. Whether it is a new job, a new place of living, the start of a new year, or your marriage, some small assistants will help you and support you through all of this. 

In this blog post, we are going to tell you about five of the best crystals for new beginnings that will help you to take the first step, to accept a painful ending, or find your right path. They are designed to support everyone through experiences, challenges, and difficulties ahead.

1) Rainbow Moonstone

It is one of the best stones for new beginnings that can help you to face life-changing decisions. Being connected with the lunar cycle, it will teach you to be always ready for the ever-changing rhythms of life. No matter what is waiting for you. Even if it is the end of a relationship or situation, Rainbow Moonstone will teach you to accept life changes and view it as a positive process. 

2) Blue Kyanite

This is a universal stone with diversified attributes. It is an efficient stone for cutting through emotional ties as well as will help those who want to get rid of unhelpful beliefs. It will help you to prepare yourself for something new as it will help you to get free of negative thoughts, feelings, and fear. This healing stone will encourage your self-belief, motivation and self-esteem. Therefore, you will be ready for any new beginnings or changes in life.

3) Amazonite

This stone is also known as the stone of success, love, hope, and abundance. Amazonite is an excellent stone that will help those that need more confidence, courage, and motivation to start new projects and meet new changes in life. Amazonite is one of the most essential crystals for life as it can help you understand what you truly need or want to achieve in life. It will reassure you to step away from the ordinary and usual and will encourage you to take a risk and try something new. 

4) Chrysoprase

There are two types of changes in life. The first one is the “happy,” desired change, as, for example, pregnancy, marriage, or relocation to the new state or town. However, there is another type of change. It can be due to grief, betrayal, or heartbreak. Chrysoprase stone will treat you, healing any imbalance in the yin-yang energy. As a result, it will empower you with power and restore emotional balance. 

5) Tanzanite

If you are suffering a loss or have recently broken down with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you need to feel guarded and shut yourself away for a definite period. This stone will protect you, providing you with safety and calmness. With the help of Tanzanite, you’ll love your life again.