Transporting Your Car

5 Questions To Ask Before Transporting Your Car

Whether you decided on buying a new car, or move a vehicle across a country\in another state, the first thing you need to consider is choosing a car shipping company. Typically, using the services of a carrier is the better way to ship your car compared to move it on your own. Don’t pass by the best auto transport company, since you will find there a wide range of services available to ensure a successful car shipping day. But before moving, you need to get familiar with the car shipping FAQ – keep reading and find out what questions to ask when shipping a car.

Questions to ask a car shipping company

What are the shipping options provided?

Get acquainted with a list of services available in your carrier. If you need an overseas delivery, ask for it. Whether you need interstate shipping, clarify it in the auto transport company too. The most frequently shipping features asked are enclosed and open car transport methods, since the majority of customers choose between them to deliver a vehicle. Enclosed transportation provides the best protection from external factors, while an open shipping method is cheaper – take it into account before a shipping day.

How much shipping will cost?

One of the most popular questions to ask when shipping a car is the price. Of course, the payment for car delivery depends on certain factors – the distance, the type and size of the car, and the transporting method you have chosen. Perfectly, your carrier has to provide free shipping quotes, so you will be allowed to compare prices in a few transporting companies at the same time.

What insurance is offered?

Ask for the insurance evidence of your carrier, and get to know the exact level of coverage on a vehicle during a transporting process. Why you should do this? Well, typical car insurance mostly doesn’t cover shipping vehicles across a country or between states. Nonetheless, you may require extra insurance coverage if the pre-existing conditions are not enough for you.

How long does it take to deliver a car?

The duration of transportation of your vehicle depends on car destination, distance, and shipping method. Typically, overseas or interstate delivery will last longer. In most cases, your carrier will tell you an approximate time of arrival, since they probably have already shipped a car on a similar distance and destination.

My car gets damaged during transportation, what should I do?

Before transportation itself, you should read about causing damage during a delivery process to make sure a company will cover a car repair. If an accident still happens en route, your carrier has to pay any repairs concerning insurance, so you won’t bother about it. However, only trustable companies will provide customers covering payment for reparation, so be aware of it before deciding the right shipping company.