Ideal Furniture

Color Personality Test as a Tool for Choosing the Ideal Furniture

What is your color personality? 

Do you struggle to decide on a color when buying a new duvet set, wholesale butcher block, comfy sofa, or a rug etc.? Always reach for beige accessories – or do you buy everything that’s pink and lovely? Answers these 5 questions and find out what your color personality in the home is.

1. If you could buy new scatter cushions for your living room today, what would you buy?

A:  A stylish beige or hessian type fabric 

B: Cheerful florals or polka dots 

C: Bright stripes or graphic designs 

D: Something with diamante buttons or sequence piping

2. What curtains and blinds do you prefer?

A: Neutral and plains for curtains, and white or wooden blinds for smaller windows 

B:  Soft pastels or cream for curtains, and floral roman blinds for smaller windows 

C: A Stunning bright curtain or two, and blinds with stripes or brights for smaller windows 

D: A layered look with a shiny sheer in front, and stainless steel blinds for smaller windows. 

3. What flowers do you like?

A: A beautiful bunch of St Josephs’ lilies or greenery 

B: A large bunch of mixed daisies and roses 

C: Bright orange-red gladioli or shocking pink roses 

D: Gold thread on a bunch of flowers as adornment

4. What sofa and chairs do you prefer?

A: A large brown leather sofa and chairs covered in beige fabric 

B: A plain cream sofa, but chairs covered in cheerful rose or polka dots 

C: One focal sofa in bright red or purple and accompanying chairs in a contrasting color 

D: Two black velvet chairs with diamante buttons and accompanying the sofa

5. What’s your wardrobe like?

A: Mainly black, beige or white, etc. 

B: Pinks, pale blues, greens, white, etc. 

C: Clothes that make a style statement such as a purple dress or red-striped sandals, etc. 

D: Black, silver and white with shiny buttons and sequence, etc.

Mostly As: Earthy and neutral

The colors that are not in the color wheel – white, black, beige, and cream – are what we call neutral colors. These colors often create a peaceful, earthy look – and any decor that draws its inspiration from neutral colors will always have a feeling of sophistication. Add different shades of beige, cream, and off-white together to add depth. Remember, it’s crucial to also add warmth to a neutral room by using scatter cushions, rugs, lampshades, and books or art to create texture. A neutral color scheme can also be easily lifted with the addition of a few accents, such as a few green scatter cushions.

Mostly Bs: Pastels and roses

If you love pastels, then the feminine cottage or shabby chic look is for you. Soft whites, light blues, pale pinks, and faded greens work together to create atmosphere, while dots, florals, and stripes also add warmth and coziness to a room. Keep the background a soft shade and also use an accessory or two in bold primary colors such as bright pink. Place a bunch of different flowers and colors in a vase or enamel jug – the combination of fresh flowers and floral prints has a special charm.

Mostly Cs: Bright and bold

Those who love bright colors in the home have courage, as it is shamelessly provocative. Just consider a bright red sofa in its place of honor against the largest wall in the room. Keep the look fresh by keeping the background clean and use it as a basis to add bright colors to accentuate and liven the space. View color as a variable item in your home, because you can often adapt the color scheme – or tone it down.

Mostly Ds: Bling

Forget about the recession; when you’re at home, you want to feel and live like a king – and why not? The combination of black and white with a dash of metal and diamante buttons remains a hit. Play with softer shades in this color scheme and don’t forget the sophisticated glam of lamps and chandeliers. Try your hand at dramatic wallpaper with embossed gold and silver print – it creates an excellent background for furniture and also serves as a focal point on its own.