Psychedelic Trip Sitter

Guide on How to Be a Good Psychedelic Trip Sitter

When taking a magic drug, you should not tune yourself into a destructive wave, relax, let the problems go, get a real buzz, and be able to know yourself and the world around you. But before buying shrooms online and taking them, it is worth taking care of safety, providing your trip with sufficient control and support. No one other than a properly trained person with the help of the trip sitter guide can help you experience self-discovery smoothly.

 Why do you need a trip sitter?

The sitter observes the “patient” condition. In our case, the latter means someone who has taken a psychedelic, hallucinogenic drug.

The role of this caregiver is significant when the circumstances are not very good. Then the unprepared, immature traveler’s consciousness cannot cope with the lousy trip on its own.

How to be a good trip sitter?

There are several rules that you must strictly follow so that in the event of an obsession with the negative, you can help. These requirements will be as follows:

 1) A similar reception experience.

The guide to being a good trip sitter begins with a point about the need for you to have experience of using yourself. Moreover, you need to remember and highlight for yourself. Even if you know what it is like to be under the influence of another psychedelic, it will not make your task any easier. You should know at least what a substance is, how it can act, and its features.

 2) Good response.

This point is worth highlighting. You should monitor the condition of the “patient”. Such conditions are not always noticeable, significantly if you did not fall into the vicious circle of bad thoughts under the influence of the drug. Surprisingly, the sitter himself should go through such a terrible state before starting to help another.

 3) Be familiar with the “patient”.

It is a prerequisite for a good escort of a person into the world of the unreal. It will help if you become a friend, a companion for whoever you will accompany. At a minimum, this way, you will be able to rely on the person’s prehistory, his current emotional baggage, take into account his past and character traits to know where to expect trouble and how to calm him down later.

Even though during a psychedelic trip, thoughts are confused and flow illogically, nonlinearly, you must remember that this is a key rule in the lsd trip sitter guide, as otherwise you risk not reaching the consciousness of a person who can easily shut out from you.

 4) Must understand the dosage.

The sitter should supervise the process of taking the drug as a doctor. Write down what time the ward consumed the substance, what he mixed with, how much water he drank, etc.

 5) The sitter must provide a comfortable environment.

Light, temperature, music, and ambiance should match a sense of comfort.

 6) Be a good conversationalist.

It is by tirelessly staying in dialogue with the “patient” that you will be able to track changes in his state. This way, you can steer the trip in the right direction and minimize the risks.