how much shrooms do you need to trip

How Much Shrooms Do You Need To Trip?

A quite popular question that is a point of interest of a majority of users, (especially beginners) sounds like how much magic mushroom should I take. Typically, an answer to this issue depends on many factors, like species of shrooms, method of consumption, health conditions, expectations for a trip, etc. The shroom dose also varies depending on whether you want to have a full psychedelic experience, or just decide on microdosing shrooms to boost your own focus and creativity. Let’s make a little research on the average shroom dose as well as dose for beginners.

Magic mushroom microdose dosage

Essentially, a microdose of shrooms falls on the one-twentieth to one-tenth the regular dose that is intended to cause a trip. It is approximately 0.1 to 0.4 grams of magic mushrooms. To be honest, this amount of shrooms varies from user to user, since personal tolerance also has an impact.

What are the different doses of psilocybin?

1. Low dose – 1 g dried shrooms

Don’t get confused between a low dose and microdose – a low one has around 10 mg of psilocybin, and considering to have slightly visible effects, unlike microdose. Taking a low dose of psilocybin will bring you sharpening of senses and a feeling of euphoria – don’t expect to get a strong hallucinogenic effect or distortion of reality.

2. Mild dose – 1.75 g dried shrooms

Users who have taken a medium dose of psilocybin often report increasing euphoria and seeing visuals that are not surprising, since 17.5 mg total psilocybin is likely to cause some stronger effects. However, a spiritual experience is noticed with the administration of higher doses.

3. High dose – 3.5 g dried shrooms

Also known as an eight-ounce, a high dose of shrooms containing 35 mg psilocybin will ensure the full psychedelic trip. This experience is mostly associated with strong perceptual distortions and seeing vivid patterns or other hallucinations. Keep in mind that taking high doses of psilocybin is recommended to do in a familiar environment under supervision to make sure you won’t damage yourself while on a trip.

4. Ultra-high dose – 5 g dried shrooms

An extra high dose of psilocybin is a quite rare practice even among experienced consumers. The effect of 50 mg of psilocybin has a potent, overwhelming influence that sometimes may be unpredictable. Like with a high dose, an ultra-high dose should be done under the control of professionals.

How much should you take for your first shrooms trip?

Whether you are a beginner in a world of magic mushrooms, you need to consider a few things before deciding to have a trip. First, you have to start with the lower doses, since you always can add some more. Next, ask your friend to sit with your while on a trip – you will minimize the risk to do self-damage. Additionally, choose only reliable dealers to make sure your shrooms are high-quality.